There’s a lot to know about sleep, health and development!

Teresa loves learning, reading and networking. She stays current on recommendations, research studies and parenting literature. She practices a multidisciplinary approach and connects regularly with colleagues to discuss maternal and child health, nutrition, breastfeeding, child development and family support, since these are topics that are often intertwined with sleep challenges and safety concerns.

Here’s what other professionals have to say about Teresa:

“We often think of children’s sleep occurring in a quiet room by themselves in a house, and boy is that a great challenge to accomplish!  At child care we are working on helping rooms full of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers get restorative, productive sleep.  Teresa Stewart came to facilitate a discussion about sleep both with teachers and parents in our school.  She was an integral part of the home-school collaboration because, as she so clearly explained, sleep is complicated, but consistency is key.  Teresa has an extensive sleep knowledge, with the fantastic ability to individualize each sleep scenarios to fit different children and families.  We left the workshop with a resounding praise for Teresa from teachers and families.  I would absolutely recommend Teresa Stewart for sleep support both in home and in child care.  I believe she could be a great asset in helping child care centers connect with families in a collaborative effort to support restorative sleep, which will reflect on children’s development.  On an individual family basis she is without a doubt an amazing resource in helping families achieve the sleep goals for their children.” ~ Friends Childcare, Brookline, MA


“Teresa is a true professional in the field of Safe Sleep. She has been a long standing member of our Safe Kids Boston coalition and is always willing to provide her expertise. She recently presented on “Car Seats and Infant Sleep” to a group of public health professionals and we received great feedback about the presentation. She uses personal stories, mixed with the latest research to drive her messages home. She is very passionate about this topic and really knows her stuff. Thank you Teresa!” ~ Alyssa Bechtold Cabrera, MPH, Injury Prevention Program Director at Boston Public Health Commission


“Teresa is incredibly knowledgeable and is a wonderful resource for families. Most importantly, she is kind and approachable. Teresa is willing to discuss a variety of sleep strategies and healthy habits without judgement. She absolutely sees the strengths in every family.” ~ Caroline Christie, Director, Belmont Cooperative Nursery School, Belmont, MA


“Teresa led a wonderful parent-centered workshop at our Annual STEPS Summit for Young Parents. Teresa’s workshop focused on safe sleep and general infant/child safety tips for diverse parenting experiences. Her workshop was invaluable in that she tailored the information to meet the diverse needs of our young parent population; the information she discussed was relevant no matter the audience members’ age, family structure, educational status or housing status. She also worked together with a young parent participant to have a young parent co-facilitator—not only did this opportunity benefit Teresa and her young parent co-facilitator, but it also made the workshop engaging and applicable to her young parent audience. Teresa has a wealth of knowledge around safe sleep practices, and an exceptional sensitivity to diverse parenting situations and strategies. She truly believes in giving all parents, no matter their circumstance, access to information that can keep their infant safe.” ~ Ariel Childs, Center for Community Health and Health Equity, Women’s Health Coordinator


“Teresa and I were colleagues at the much missed company, Isis Parenting, where Teresa was the Program Manager for Safety, Wellness and Sleep Support, and I was the Program Manager for Breastfeeding Support. Our programs sometimes intertwined in serving a population of families with babies and toddlers. Teresa is a consummate professional, and a caring support for families concerned about their children’s safety and sleep. We felt very comfortable referring clients to each other’s programs, when it became clear that the family’s needs would be met best by some combination of our respective areas of expertise. I could always trust that Teresa would provide just the right touch in supporting my clients, when I felt her evidence-based approach to sleep and safety issues would be tempered by her innate kindness toward anxious parents. Teresa understands that concerns that parents may have about their babies do not occur in an isolated environment, rather there is always a matrix of influences, circumstances and parents’ desire to do their best for their babies. ” ~ Beth Sargent, IBCLC, RLC, Breastfeeding Support Services; Needham, MA

“Teresa presented at the Vermont Child Passenger Safety Program annual training for  Certified Technicians across the state. Teresa was dynamic, engaging, and displayed a high level of expertise in the fields of child development and child passenger safety. Technicians attending the training expressed in evaluations a strong satisfaction with the presentation and that they were able to take away information and strategies that will increase their effectiveness in working with families in Vermont. I strongly recommend Teresa for training needs and consultation in these areas.”  ~ Tanya Wells, MSEd, CHES, CPST, Child Passenger Safety Program Coordinator Vermont Department of Public Health; Burlington, VT

I am happy to be writing this testimonial of behalf of Teresa Stewart.  Teresa is a knowledgeable, personable, professional woman. Teresa is well spoken and demonstrates great knowledge about many children’s issues and important topics for parents. Teresa’s first  presentation at our center was on Infant Sleep. Although this was a group presentation, many parents commented about Teresa’s ability to touch on their personal dilemma’s and situation. Additional feedback that both my staff and parents offered about Teresa was her  ability to present in a natural and engaging manner. Since her presentation on infant sleep, we have invited Teresa to conducted other workshops at our center. She is a great presenter and  her topics and knowledge is greatly  valued by both my staff and parents. We are always pleased to have Teresa speak at our center and share her expertise with the members of our community!”~ Mabel Luther, Director of Artisan Childcare Center; Woburn, MA

“Teresa is a gifted public speaker and instructor. She is very knowledgeable and extremely diligent and hardworking. She is personable and compassionate while remaining passionate about child safety. I highly recommend her. ” ~ Harold Scheinfeld, MD;  Atlanta, GA

“Teresa has a natural gift for engaging children. Her calm, yet outgoing manner puts children at ease and enables them to interact with other children as well as adults in a positive and productive way.” ~ Randy Block, Executive Director of Parents Helping Parents; Watertown, MA

“I have worked closely with Teresa in CPR and Safety trainings for Isis Parenting. Teresa has been a wonderful and knowledgeable trainer to instructors. She is compassionate, hard working, organized, and demonstrates excellent leadership skills and morale. She has great rapport with her fellow trainers as well as the many clients who seek her advice on sleep and safety issues.” ~ Cathy Allen, AHA BLS Instructor, Dallas, TX

“Teresa doesn’t judge. Her ultimate goal is to help parents learn to parent the way they want to, not the way they “should”; she meets parents where they are and helps them achieve their safety and sleep goals in a way that best fits their parenting style and their life.   She continually educates herself on the most current child safety and sleep research and implements what she learns into her safety and sleep programs.  I wholeheartedly recommend Teresa to anyone considering sleep consults, CPR and/or safety training.  After a course or consult with Teresa, not only will you have the tools you need; but you will feel more confident and totally supported by someone who has your best interest at heart.” ~Kathy Ulrich, Program Manager, NorthEast Emergency Medical Services, Inc., Wakefield, MA