What parents are saying about their sleep consultations: 

So many books and experts on sleep offer a silver bullet: “If you do this ONE THING, your child will start sleeping through the night!”  For our 20-month-old, that ONE THING never worked or was not gentle enough for our family.  We had sworn-off the experts and decided to just deal with the fact that our toddler only fell asleep nursing and woke 6-20 times a night when Teresa was recommended to us.  Unlike others, she worked to understand the goals of our family and our family’s philosophy on parenting and sleep in general.  Rather than dictating a “silver bullet,” she came alongside us to create a plan that worked for our particular situation and goals.  She created a gentle approach that was completely compatible with our parenting philosophy.  She provided a framework, but also encouraged us to trust ourselves and our son.  After a few short weeks, our son is now falling asleep without nursing and is sleeping much longer stretches.  And, most importantly, we achieved these outcomes without going against our own instincts.” ~Nichole and Chris, Charlotte, NC .






“We had tried every sleep method under the sun with our son, but nothing seemed to work.  He was getting up eight times a night and not only were we exhausted, he was exhausted.  Plus he had grown to hate bedtime and naps – there were so many hours of tears.  At our breaking point we finally reached out for help and Teresa rescued us!  Not only did she work with us to find a system that worked for our family, but she helped me to feel like we were great parents doing a great job.  Working with her went beyond a sleep plan, she became the girlfriend you needed when you didn’t know what else to do (with a lot a lot of experience to back it up).  As our son grew, Teresa helped us to adjust our plan to his changing needs and he not only sleeps through the night and naps like a champ – he likes it!  Thank you will never be enough!” ~ Amanda, Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada.


” In the first two years of our daughter’s life, we slept through the night less than a handful of times. It’s not that with a baby we were expecting a ton of sleep, but shortly after her second birthday, we realized that despite buying some sleep books and being consistent with bedtime routine, we were generally winging it. From tending to her with each cry to allowing a few dreadful minutes of her screaming; from picking her up out of the crib, to toeing the line and just rubbing her back or standing nearby.  Admittedly, we were all over the place and we knew we could do better. With each new day we would base our plans and her subsequent naps on her wake up time which oscillated from 4:45am to 6am! It made it the rest of the day hard on all of us. We reached out to Teresa with the hopes of a little more rest for everyone in the household. I expected she would need to come to our house and inspect the efficacy of our black-out curtains and scold us for the squeaky floorboard outside baby’s room. But Teresa’s approach is unique. It was entirely built upon who we are, who our baby is, and what our goals are. The adjustments were  about more than curtains and squeaks. Teresa didn’t have a plan before she met us. She didn’t prescribe a solution, a one-size-fits all answer as we found in books and in various online opinions. We talked about not wanting to cry it out, but also wanting to create a boundary around co-sleeping. In the first two weeks of working with Teresa, my husband went away for the weekend, and then I left the country for 5days, my first trip away from the family. Teresa was so understanding (and compassionate as a mom) and patient, providing tweaks we needed to maintain our new sleep strategies through those transitions. Fast forward four months and we rely on our experience and lessons from her daily. We refer back to our notes and feel confident that our strategies make sense! Baby girl sleeps through the night with consistency, naps well, and we are all better for it! Passing on Teresa’s information and referral is the best gift I give to new parents! We’ll be calling her way before the 2nd birthday next time around!” ~ Nashira and Leon, Boston, MA.


” Teresa’s gentle and supportive approach was the perfect fit for our family. She gave us the confidence to know we were doing the right thing for our daughter and helping her learn a new skill. We had worked with several other sleep consultant prior to Teresa – four in total – and were beginning to fear that we were doomed to a future of sleepless nights. We’d heard a LOT of advice (good and bad) from professionals, well meaning family and friends, myriad books, and even random Internet blogs. We’d had two failed attempts at sleep training that had left us all upset and discouraged, and we felt confused and overwhelmed.

Teresa was extremely supportive and totally nonjudgmental about our experiences. She sensed how much we had struggled and was extra gentle and super encouraging in all her dealings with us. She took an extensive background to assess our sleep issues and discussed our goals and concerns in detail. She created a comprehensive multi-phase plan that allowed us to progress at a pace that was comfortable for us. Whereas in the past we had felt like other consultants were telling us to do too much, too soon, Teresa’s plan consisted of small, manageable steps that fit with our daughters developmental needs. Teresa explained how to react in a variety of scenarios, including teething, illness, and travel, and provided us with a plan to get back on track when the unexpected happened. It was especially helpful to have her written plan to refer back to whenever we had questions.
We opted for the package with email support, and it made all the difference. Teresa helped us troubleshoot after ever night and made adjustments to our plan as we went. Since we had some missteps in the past with sleep training, it was critical for us to have her supporting and encouraging us along the way.  It may have taken us a while to get here, but we’ve made major strides in our sleep and our daughter is now sleeping for 10+ a night on a consistent basis. We’ve recently spent some nights away from home and successfully applied the principles we learned from Teresa.
We are so grateful to Teresa for the positive impact she has had on our family, and we are glad to know she’ll be there as a resource as our family grows together. ” ~ Carla, Arlington, MA.

 “When we reached out to Teresa, our daughter was waking up every two hours with a need to nurse for two consecutive months. Needless to say that meant we went over sixty days without an opportunity for a steady stretch of sleep. We read books, googled for answers to the end of the Internet, theorized with our pediatrician and daycare providers about what we could do to no avail. Luckily, we found Teresa. The first thing she gave us was hope that there was a way to train our daughter to be a better sleeper. After talking with us for over ninety-minutes on the phone, Teresa created a plan that felt very assuring to us as parents and one we were comfortable with putting into place for our daughter. Through constant email support, diligently structured sleep diaries, education on how daytime sleep affects nighttime sleep, and positive reinforcement; Teresa’s sleep training began to work. We saw improvement from night to night and in two weeks time, our little girl who was up every two hours was sleeping 6 – 7 hour stretches! Not only has the plan worked for our daughter, we cannot say how much we have appreciated Teresa’s support for us as parents along the way. She has been so patient and kind regarding each and every one of our many questions. Now, we have a happier, well-rested baby and we are starting to feel more like ourselves again too.” ~ Hugh & Angela, Minneapolis, MN.


 “I would recommend Teresa’s services to any family struggling with their infant’s sleep habits.  Our son Diego was six months old when we started working with Teresa and he could only fall asleep while nursing and woke up 6-7 times per night.  I was feeling exhausted, hopeless, and inadequate as a mommy.  Teresa’s support was absolutely invaluable to my husband and me as she created and guided us through a customized plan based on our son’s age, developmental needs, personality, and our parenting style.  Teresa never made me feel judged and was very willing to adapt the plan we had started to implement if it seemed Diego needed a different strategy.  As a first-time mom, I cannot stress enough how comforting it has been for me to have someone who is not only an expert on infant sleep, but also a mom herself (who has experienced all the challenges of having a new baby), to guide me through the process of improving my baby’s sleep in a gentle and effective way.  Thank you so much, Teresa!”  ~ Lauren and Diego, Collegville, PA. 


“Teresa taught us how to improve our family’s sleep in the crucial early months of our daughter’s life. As a new mom with little time and little extra patience, I appreciated her ability to communicate efficiently and effectively. She was empathetic to our challenges and respectful of our goals and preferences. Through working with her, we gained a practical understanding of the big picture of babies’ sleep patterns and triggers. This knowledge has helped us adjust to our baby’s needs as they have developed. The tools Teresa provided made the process of tracking our efforts immediately apparent. It was encouraging to see the incremental progress we were making before we could feel the sleep deprivation wearing off. As a result of her coaching, everyone in our family is happier and healthier.

For a long time, my daughter would only nap on top of a warm body, which left me exhausted with little time to myself. Now, at 9 months old, she practically kicks me out of the room at nap time- she’s got sleep business to take care of!” ~ Nicole and Janos, Cambridge, MA




“I was beyond desperate when we first contacted Teresa. Our son had been sleeping in only 45 minute intervals for MONTHS. It was the hardest thing I have ever been through. I was a tired, sad, extremely sleep deprived woman, momma, business owner and wife. I was chained to our monitor and son’s sleep patterns. We never left the house because I was so worried how it would affect my child’s sleep. Teresa took us under her wing with such grace, understanding and met us RIGHT where we were. I felt so supported for the first time in a long time, as many family and friends were judging what was going on. She explained things to this tired momma that encouraged me and made me feel hope! I can now happily report my son is sleep in LONG chunks and we can go and do things during the day as we have successful helped teach my son how to sleep better. Things are improving and changing every day. I can’t express how grateful I am for this sweet woman’s advice and guidance. If any of the first paragraph sounds like your life right now, get on the phone with Teresa and sign up for the follow-up email. It will change your world. ” ~ Gina and Matt, Eagan, MN

“I found Teresa when I was a stressed out, sleep-deprived, desperate new mother of a three month old. My daughter was not sleeping long stretches and my husband and I were at our wits end, after trying several popular sleep training methods and letting her cry it out, all to no avail. Teresa was just what we needed, and we wish we had avoided everything else and worked with her from the beginning. She provided us with a practical, gentle approach to infant sleep that has been the best thing for us and our daughter. She was always available for follow up and sustained us with her calm, professional support throughout the process. For us, the greatest thing about Teresa is that her strategies are grounded in the most current scientific research and principles of child development. She does not advocate a “one size fits all” or “magic bullet” approach, but rather customizes a plan for the unique needs of each infant. I will not hesitate to re engage her services as needed in the future, and I would recommend her to any and all families looking to establish healthy, sustainable sleep habits for their child.” ~ Laura, Atlanta, GA


“My husband and I were having a hard time getting our 10.5 months old to sleep through the night.  We kept finding reasons why it wasn’t happening (teething, growth spurt, being away from home and so on).  A friend recommended Teresa and I am so thankful she did.  Teresa knows so much about the chemistry of the brain and the sleep needs of little ones.  Teresa is also flexible as far as what kind of sleep training you would like to implement.  She meets you where you are and tries to find what will work best for you and your lifestyle while still making sure your child gets what he/she needs.  We feel like we have learned so much and we are finally sleeping at night- which makes our house quite a bit happier!  I couldn’t recommend Teresa more.” Elizabeth, Needham, MA


“As first time parents we knew we’d have lots of trials and tribulations ahead, but the one aspect of parenting we knew we needed to be on-point with was our son’s sleep. I had read so much on the impact of good and bad sleep habits and we wanted to get this right. My husband and I attended an infant sleep workshop that Teresa had conducted. We left informed, prepared, and supported. We then had a one-on-one phone consult where she listened to our expectations and developed a sleep strategy specifically for our son. She helped us more than we ever thought possible. I can always feel her genuine desire to help us with Owen’s sleep; she listens to my questions (and my worries) and she’s got a warm vibe that calms my nerves instantly (something every parent dreams of!). We still follow up with Teresa as our little guy grows and develops, and she puts us back on track to get him the best sleep possible.  We recommend her expertise to anyone struggling with sleep or just looking to improve their current sleep situation.” ~ Merry and Tom, Weymouth, MA

We were hysterical with lack of sleep between our two littles and are so grateful we found Teresa! She offered a light at the end of the tunnel and a workable plan to help get our kids’ sleep back on track. She was with us every step of the way, helping us troubleshoot until we found the solutions that fit our family. We are so grateful for Teresa and her help with getting our household get back into a normal realm of sleep!” ~Nissa and Seth, Minneapolis, MN



“My husband I have worked with Teresa several times in the past year. We feel very fortunate to have found her.  We first connected with Teresa when our son was six months old.  He was still waking up several times in the night,  as well as struggling with naps.  We were somewhat skeptical to do a sleep consultation over the phone. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly Teresa seemed to understand our situation. It was as if she had met our son before.  She listened to our goals and family dynamic and helped us implement a sleep action plan that would work for us.  She also put us at ease that we were on the right track. We did two follow up consultations when our son was transitioning from 2 naps to 1.  We were also able to ask questions on what to expect down the road, like when to begin to prepare for a toddler bed.  Teresa was professional, thoughtful, and always willing to listen.  She gave us the knowledge to help teach our son healthy sleep habits and we feel so lucky to have worked with her.  We would HIGHLY recommend her !!!!” ~ Alyssa and Garrett; Greenland, NH

“Working with Teresa has been an invaluable resource during the first year and a half of our daughter’s life. Teresa has helped us through many daytime and nighttime sleep transitions and we couldn’t be happier with the wonderful little sleeper we have. Whether we were transitioning from a co-sleeper to crib, weaning off nighttime wake ups, or going from two naps down to one, we always trusted Teresa’s advice. With our input, she put together plans specifically tailored to our lifestyle, family schedule and comfort level. I would recommend Teresa to anyone whose child is having sleep issues. I believe that our daughter being a great sleeper has contributed to her being a happy, curious, well-rounded child.” ~ Liz and Jason; Somerville, MA



“My husband and I have a 1 year old who was sleeping through the night from about 4-8 months.  Something changed and she began getting up to eat 1-2 times per night.  Teresa has helped us get things back on track to where she is now sleeping through the night.  She was so wonderful to work with, was extremely thorough and made sure we had a plan that worked for our family and one that we felt comfortable in implementing and following through with.  She was extremely responsive as well.  I would recommend her services to anybody; she’s wonderful!” ~Tiffany, Waconia, MN

“When our son was 4 months old my wife and I began reading some books on infants and sleep. We wanted to set him on a good sleeping course and prevent bad habits before they began. There seemed to be so many variables, and creating a plan for our son and his specific needs seemed daunting. After talking with Teresa we had a clear plan in place. Throughout the consultation she made sure we were comfortable with the plan. She didn’t have one way of doing things, but instead she wanted to make sure we felt comfortable that the choices would work for our family. What became so valuable and helpful to us was the follow up e-mails with Teresa. When things didn’t go as planned we were able to check in with Teresa to figure out how to get back on course and how to respond to problems that didn’t come up in the initial consultation. A month later we have made a lot of progress. We’re all still learning, and not every night or nap is perfect, but he goes to sleep much easier, stays asleep longer, and in the morning he greets us with big smiles.” ~ Channing and Brooke; Melrose, MA


“Teresa is an absolute angel in the flesh.  The help, support, guidance and teaching that Teresa has given our family over the past five years has been invaluable.  She has helped and supported me in caring for my children since they were infants in all aspects of care, from safety to swaddling and beyond.  Our family also went through very difficult and prolonged sleep challenges with both children.  Teresa guided us through the worst of it and gave us the strategies (and much needed moral support) we needed to become a happier and much more rested family.  We also feel much more prepared to be able to respond in an emergency situation because we took Teresa’s very thorough and expertly taught CPR course.  I truly cannot say enough about what a positive impact Teresa has had on our family – she is just simply the best.” ~ Elissa, Needham, MA


“As a mother and a postpartum doula, I have had the pleasure of working with Teresa on a personal and professional level.  Her expertise and kind manner is the perfect combination for families looking for guidance!  Her method of teaching is gentle and helpful and I love that she will work with each family individually in order to tailor a plan to their specific needs.  Teresa is also plugged-in to all the latest research and buzz, making her such a valuable asset for parents trying to navigate through all the information out there!   I highly recommend Teresa for any parent seeking support!!  ~Rory, Boston, MA



“Teresa is just fantastic. In one short hour, she imparted some of the most valuable information new parents could wish for regarding to the mystery of baby sleep. She explained things in a very clear and parent-friendly manner. Teresa is extremely knowledge and flexible. She helped us create a sleep plan that fit our parenting style. We utilized the email support frequently and Teresa got back to us very promptly. I can’t explain what a relief it was for us to know that we’re setting age-appropriate expectations for our son. Above and beyond anything else, we were able to implement the plan the very next day and saw immediate changes. Our little one’s sleep has changed significantly in a matter of weeks. He went from taking five cat naps a day and multiple nighttime wakings to three longer naps and sleeping through the night independently. We couldn’t recommend Teresa more highly! ” ~Wendy and Michael, Needham, MA

“Our third child’s difficulties with sleep threw us for a major loop, and after many sleepless nights, we hired Teresa for help.   Our only regret is that we didn’t hire her earlier!  Teresa carefully considered our daughter’s developmental stage, our own parenting style, and our family’s schedule in order to come up with a unique sleeping plan for her.  As we implemented the plan, Teresa was readily available to answer questions, calm our concerns, and tweak the interventions as needed.  We started seeing results immediately.  Our five month-old daughter is now sleeping for much longer stretches during the day and night.  We are so happy that we hired Teresa to help us get our daughter’s sleeping patterns on track and would highly recommend her to all tired parents!” ~ Joy and Matt; Dallas, TX


What parents are saying about their classes:

“As a new mother, I decided I wanted to take an infant CPR class while I was pregnant. My mother, who will be watching my son when I return to work from maternity leave, was also very interested in taking a CPR class. After unsuccessfully searching for a class that worked with both of our schedules, I came across Teresa’s name. The reviews I read were fabulous so I contacted her to set up an in-home infant CPR class. Teresa was quick to reply and accommodating to our schedule. My husband and I took the course with my son’s grandparents. All four of us were extremely impressed by Teresa’s knowledge and the ease at which she taught us. She was patient and informative when providing us the information we needed and answering our questions. She was professional yet relaxed, easy going, friendly, and sweet. The class went by quickly and was incredibly enjoyable. Teresa also provided us with information through email after the class and answered follow up questions. I look forward to being in contact with Teresa in the future to utilize her sleep consultations services. I highly recommend her!” ~Sarah, Boston, MA

 “I was devastated to hear about Isis closing, just one week after I found out I was pregnant. To anyone else in the same boat – do not fear, Teresa is here!   Frantically searching for replacement resources, a good friend told me about Teresa and her ability to do in-home private classes and consultations.  Along with three other pregnant couples, my husband and I booked Teresa for a Wednesday night session in our home to discuss topics ranging from sleep and soothing techniques to important developmental milestones to ‘when to call the doctor.’ Teresa is a wealth of information and her easy going attitude and calm nature allowed all of us nervous first time parents a unique space to get all of our questions & worries answered by a seasoned expert.  We all left that night feeling significantly more prepared, and most importantly more confident, in our new roles as parents.  I cannot thank her enough! “~ Annelle, Boston, MA


“I just  took the Infant/Child CPR class with Teresa and highly recommend it to any pregnant, first time mom, fourth time mom, husbands, grandparents and any caregivers.   She was so thorough, the class was exceedingly educational, time flew by. I feel more than prepared to respond to emergency situations and will be recommending this class to all the girls in my moms group. Thank you Teresa!” ~ Allison, Hull, MA


“ As a first time mom,Teresa has been an invaluable resource to me. She taught a CPR class in my home for three couples, covering infant and toddler CPR (first aid too!). Our babies were about to turn 1 so she wanted to make sure we would be ready for an emergency should it arise now or in the next few years. I pray I’m never in a situation that requires the use of the information she provided us with, but I am extremely confident that I am prepared and would know what to do. A couple weeks later my son started experiencing major sleep problems, waking 4 to 5 times a night. I knew Teresa was a sleep consultant  so I reached out to her again. She sent me a short questionnaire and we scheduled a phone consult. Within 5 days of the consult my son was only waking twice a night; now he wakes just once to nurse at 4:30 am. I couldn’t be happier! “ ~ Megan; Pembroke, MA


“My husband and I recently hosted an Infant CPR class lead by Teresa. She taught in a light -hearted manner, which was welcomed considering the weighty topic. Teresa respected everyone’s time in keeping the course moving along. The combination of instructional video, demonstration, group discussion and actual practice really allowed the volume of important information to sink in. We also received a booklet to reference, which I found very comforting to have on hand. I also appreciated Teresa emphasizing updated information and guidelines from the AHA for those of us who may have taken a CPR course previously. In short, the class exceeded expectations and highly recommending Teresa was the group’s consensus!” – Nicole; Hingham, MA


“My family and I recently took an in-home American Heart Association’s Family and Friends Infant CPR class taught by Teresa. The 2-hour class was very simple, easy to follow, and straightforward. Teresa was very knowledgeable in her training and we appreciated the way the class was presented. Teresa was patient with us asking questions, and made the class tangible with her experience.  We would recommend any friend to take her class!” – Sarah; Scituate, MA


“Our 9 month old daughter has been eating solids for a few months now, and everything else she can get her hands on goes straight to her mouth. Teresa recently came to our home to instruct me, my husband and our families on the principles of infant and child CPR. We feel very fortunate to have found her – she is a pro on the topic and we are all relieved to possess the necessary skills, should an accident ever occur. The way in which Teresa presents the information makes it simple to understand and retain.  “ Serena and Geoff;  Boston, MA

What clients are saying about workshops:

Family picture _kelly

“I met Teresa during a sleep workshop organized by our club of Moms of Multiples and I cannot say enough good things about her! Teresa truly listened to each family’s individual situation and was able to offer suggestions to moms with children of all ages. Her ideas for our 6 month old twins were wonderful and I saw immediate improvements in their napping after implementing Teresa’s suggestions. I know I’ll be keeping her contact information on my refrigerator in case any need arises for the future!” Kelly; Natick, MA


“Just wanted to thank Teresa Stewart for a productive and enjoyable Sleep Baby Sleep workshop on Saturday. Sleep is a tough thing in many homes and though I am not looking forward to sleep training, at least now I have some new tools I can use to make it easier and more comfortable for baby AND us.” ~ Stephanie; North Reading, MA

I am happy to be writing this testimonial of behalf of Teresa Stewart.  Teresa is a knowledgeable, personable, professional woman. Teresa is well spoken and demonstrates great knowledge about many children’s issues and important topics for parents. Teresa’s first  presentation at our center was on Infant Sleep. Although this was a group presentation, many parents commented about Teresa’s ability to touch on their personal dilemma’s and situation. Additional feedback that both my staff and parents offered about Teresa was her  ability to present in a natural and engaging manner. Since her presentation on infant sleep, we have invited Teresa to conducted other workshops at our center. She is a great presenter and  her topics and knowledge is greatly  valued by both my staff and parents. We are always pleased to have Teresa speak at our center and share her expertise with the members of our community!”~ Mabel Luther, Director of Artisan Childcare Center; Woburn, MA

“Teresa is incredibly knowledgeable and is a wonderful resource for families. Most importantly, she is kind and approachable. Teresa is willing to discuss a variety of sleep strategies and healthy habits without judgement. She absolutely sees the strengths in every family.” ~ Caroline Christie, Director, Belmont Cooperative Nursery School, Belmont, MA