Sleep Consultations for families with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, ages birth through five years old.

This phone-based service is available to families internationally.

Sleep, or the lack there-of, impacts all aspect of our lives: a child’s development and learning; a child’s health; a parent’s emotional, mental and physical wellness; parents’ relationship with one another; a parent’s ability to function at work; and the safety of the family.

Teresa ‘s REST approach follows these principles:

R- respect for your entire family

E- education for all involved with your child’s sleep (parents, grandparents, other caregivers)

S- solutions that feel comfortable and are practical for your family

T- techniques that support not only your child’s sleep, but also her health, emotional wellness, and development

family in bed

Every family has a sleep story. What is yours?

If you’re seeking support around bedtime challenges, night wake-ups, too early mornings, or nap-time struggles, Teresa is here to help you achieve your sleep goals. Questions around transitioning out of the swaddle? Weaning off night-time feedings? Do you love co-sleeping with your baby, but also want to help your baby achieve more consolidated sleep? Is your toddler escaping the crib? Is your preschooler having nightmares?                                                                                          

Teresa has experience helping tired parents in all of these situations (and more!). Please read below about how to schedule a consultation and the different package options. 



The Process:

  1. Complete the sleep consultation form if you are interested in scheduling a consultation.
  2. The consultations are phone-based, which allows Teresa to help families from all over the US. Parents, grandparents and other caregivers (anyone involved with the child’s naps or night-time sleep) are welcome to be a part of the consultation. The consultation takes place on a conference line, so you can call in from different locations.
  3. Teresa will email you with her availability (which includes daytime, evening and weekend), a questionnaire for you to complete, information to read, and a worksheet for you to take notes on during the consultation.
  4. During the consultation, together we will create a plan that feels comfortable and practical to you as the parent, respects your child’s developmental stage and unique needs, and takes into consideration your family dynamics.

Consultation Packages

There are different packages you can choose:

Single child consultation:

  • An initial (1 hour) phone-consultation and written overview of the plan is $249.
  • An  initial (1 hour) phone- consultation, written overview of the plan,  and email support over a two week period as you’re implementing the plan, is $399.

Follow-up consultation:

Once you are an established client, follow-up consultations are available.

  • A follow-up (30- minute) phone- consultation and written overview of the continued plan  is $129.
  • A follow-up (30- minute) phone -consultation, written overview of the continued plan, plus email support over a two week period as you’re implementing the plan, is $299.

Twins/ siblings consultation:

If you wish to discuss two children, we will need a longer initial consultation to ensure we have enough time to comprehensively create two plans.

  • An initial sibling (approximately 80-90 minutes) phone- consultation, and a written overview of the plan  is $359.
  • An initial sibling (approximately 80-90 minutes) phone- consultation, written overview of the plan , plus email support over a two week period as you’re implementing the plan, is $499.