“When our son was 4 months old my wife and I began reading some books on infants and sleep. We wanted to set him on a good sleeping course and prevent bad habits before they began. There seemed to be so many variables, and creating a plan for our son and his specific needs seemed daunting. After talking with Teresa we had a clear plan in place. Throughout the consultation she made sure we were comfortable with the plan. She didn’t have one way of doing things, but instead she wanted to make sure we felt comfortable that the choices would work for our family. What became so valuable and helpful to us was the follow up e-mails with Teresa. When things didn’t go as planned we were able to check in with Teresa to figure out how to get back on course and how to respond to problems that didn’t come up in the initial consultation. A month later we have made a lot of progress. We’re all still learning, and not every night or nap is perfect, but he goes to sleep much easier, stays asleep longer, and in the morning he greets us with big smiles.” ~ Channing and Brooke; Melrose, MA